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Default Re: Help! 002 turns on, but display doesn\'t show t

Factory reset the desk turn off the desk the hold down (Esc Display and Record) together whilst turning it back on.
The record arm button or the record button by the play button? Neither of these seem to do anything. What should I expect to see when I do this? I left the unit off all day/night yesterday and turned it on today at around 6pm. Everything was working fine. I started running some audio into peak 4 and about 23 mins into the transfer, peak froze. The board was frozen on "Working..." I tried resetting it with using the 2 different records (actual record and the record arm button)...the display is doing the same thing it did the other day. it lights up, but nothing happens.

PLEASE HELP!!! any and all advice is more than appreciated.
macbook pro 2GHz Intel Core Duo
OS 10.4.6
002 mixing board w/ PT 7.1.1cs
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