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Default Help! 02 turns on, but display doesn\'t show text!

Ok, this is definitely my fault. I have my project studio setup in a huge rack on wheels and while spinning the rack around to access the rear inputs on my 002 mixing board, a cable caught the switch on my Furman PL Pro and shut down my mac, 002, hard drive, preamps...EVERYTHING. upon turning the switch back on, my 002 turns on and the screen lights up, but i see no text.

this happened once before and after waiting about 15-30 minutes with no power, i powered back up and the 002 lit up fine. this time it has been about 45 mins and i'm now getting a few of the LEDs on the board to light up, but still can't fire up protools or work with the board at all. is there a way to reset the board or make this go away? is my unit in trouble? do i need to have something repaired? PLEASE HELP!!!
macbook pro 2GHz Intel Core Duo
OS 10.4.6
002 mixing board w/ PT 7.1.1cs
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