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Default Re: Is it possible to solo aux sends?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
No. Shift+Ctrl click is solo safe for all selected tracks. It will work (because the track is selected) but that isn't the shortcut key. Ctrl+click on the solo is the shortcut key for a single track. I don't know what the OP is doing wrong but this isn't really debatable: ctrl+click is in the official Pro Tools shortcut manual and it works perfectly on my Windows system.

Just looked it up, yes, it appears regular Pro Tools users only got AFL/PFL with Pro Tools 12.1. It was HD-only up until that point.
Solo safe has been available to all versions since there was a non-DSP version of Pro Tools.

Just realized maybe the OP doesn't know what "solo safe" is. It's often termed "solo defeat" in other DAWs. It greys out the solo button (so it kind of "does nothing" from that aspect) but it allows you to solo other tracks without those that are in "solo safe" from being muted. So for an aux fed with audio from audio tracks, when you solo the aux, the audio tracks that are "solo safe" don't get muted so they continue to send sound to the aux track.
my bad, I kinda skimmed over the specifics, i didn't see you were talking about the shortcut key
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