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Default Re: Features and Suggestions

I have been using the Scorch app to view sheet music while playing at various locations. The app as a whole is a great concept however is in need of serious updating!

Firstly the app is constantly crashing when I am performing various tasks especially when importing from Dropbox. Let me give you the sequence
Open folder containing file im Dropbox
Click on the share sheet open in app
Select Avid Scorch
App opens and crashes on opening.

Another time was last Sunday I went to turn a page and it crahsed as well which to be honest makes the app unusable for performance purposes! It has also crahsed whenever transposing the core.

Secondly the app is in need of a serious redesign it is old, tacky and pixalated on retina iPads. The ability to add set lists and folders would be a great feature.

I hooe you take the time to look at my concerns.
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