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Default Huge adc bug!??

1. Create an audio track!!

2. Create an instrument track.

3. Put 3 Maxim on the !!!!!AUDIO!!!!! track.

4. Insert BOOM on the instrument track.

5. Create a click you have something to compare with!

6. Record something by playing on BOOM from your keyboard.


7. Everything you just recorded WILL END UP LATE!!

Please DIGI this is not something a PRO program should do!!

This means that everything you record with audio instruments will be wrong!! And even if it's just a matter of like 10 samples it's still unacceptable!!!

DIGIDESIGN!!!!!!....are you listening!!!??

Create an audio track. Create a software instrument track. Insert a latency demanding plugin like Maxim (insert 2 or 3 Maxim to really experience the bug) on the audio channel. Now open, for instance, boom on the software instrument track. When you now play boom you'll have latency....right! But when you press rec the ADC is bypassed on that channel.
Now try to record a simple bd/sd thing from your keyboard together with a click.
When I does that!!.....what I hear when I NOOOOT what comes down on the BOOM track. Everything I play is delayed when the amount of latency the Maxims are creating.

Thank you so much digi! I have to go back to version 7 or is there a major fault on my new Intel mac with pro tools accel 2??

Can someone help me with this!?

Mac Pro Nehalem 2,66 with 12 GB ram, Pro Tools 8.1, HD2 Accel, 192 I/O with 2 882s, UAD 2 QUAD OMNI. OSX 10.6.4

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