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Default Re: 2019 iMac i9 + PT 2018 + Mojave

Originally Posted by rwbreck View Post
Good questions-

Antelope Orion Studio 2017 connected via Thunderbolt 3-2 adapter (Apple)
96kHz, 1024 buffer size
Running off of external USB 3 HDD (I think 7200rpm?)

Initially I had disk cache set to normal, ignore errors off, dynamic processing on
I'll change those and try again

No real troubleshooting yet to speak of- just surprised that out of the gate, this computer that I was expecting to be fairly powerful (3.6GHz 8-core i9) is having a lot of trouble playing back more than a couple seconds of this session at a time, even after freezing basically all tracks except reverb returns and mix buss.
Move your entire session to the internal SSD and disconnect the external boat-anchor.

It takes one bad plugin to trash even the most powerful computer... you don’t even need to have that plugin instantiated in the session, just installed.

Start at “Help us Help You” up the top of each DUC web page. Should take less than an hour to do this basic but very useful troubleshooting.
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