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Default Will a RAID get me maximum track performance?

I'll be running a Dual 1.4GHz (gigadesigns CPUs) Digital Audio G4, with 1.5 gig of ram, on Panther OS, and I currently have one Seagate Cheetah 36gig, 15,000rpm, 3.6ns Seek, U160 SCSI drive set aside purely for PT6.2.2 sessions. Will another Cheetah drive, or even 2, striped as a RAID give me any real improvement, or is a second or third drive a complete waste of money? I am shooting for true 32 tracks with whatever I throw at it. I can't afford a new $4k CPU, soI have to work with what I have, or what is within my budget. Please respond asap, I have a guy holding a drive for me, and need to let him know if I'm getting it.
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