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Default ADC and VIs? [SOLVED]

So what's the deal with it. It doesn't really seem to work.

PTHD 10.3.7, 10.8.4. Apollo 8.

I have real drums, and midi piano.

When I have delay comp off, they play fine.

However, when I turn on MAX, the piano is a million years late. Turning off DC on the INST channel doesn't work, routing to an AUX and turning off DC doesn't work.
Routing through the Apollo Virtual tracks doesn't work.

While I can turn DC off and everything is good, I'm using trigger, and that just doesn't make things happy.

What to do? My only thought is to print the piano and go old school

I also notice that the timing is better with the midi file on the track instead of from a midi track. BuG? anyone notice that?
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