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Default Re: Delta 1010LT Hardware Help

Most likely you will just encounter problems with this configuration - I'm assuming you're referring to using it with Pro Tools M-Powered.

PTMP will only see the first interface - having 2 of them installed you probably will see flaky behavior or crashing in Pro Tools.

For years I have simultaneous used and enjoy my 2 Delta 1010s under "other" programs (name reserved) successfully and harmoniously. I always have had 16 Bus input to my PC. But I don't want to waste my money to buy PTMP because Digidesign decided to restrict simultaneous use of multiple M-Audio peripherals! Unfortunately, I can't do with only 8-Bus (one Delta 1010).

Why is Digi doing this - thats like punishing numerous customers who have multiple M-Audio peripherals? It's like if Digidesign supported multiple peripherals people won't buy the HD Systems? I can't think of anything else. But I can't afford those systems, probably will never afford at all! My domain is M-Audio Systems.

But I do hope Digidesign remove this restriction sooner, and I can finally move to PTMP.


I love Pro Tools!
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