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Default Re: PRO TOOLS 8 compatible with WINDOWS 7 someday?

I just completely uninstalled pro tools 8 including any registry remnants. I re-installed and even reinstalled my TI fire wire card and connected the mbox 2 pro to a different port (3 available). Same issue as before. Pro Tools will load as the mbox is powered and detected. The mbox control panel will load and detects the mbox. I cam change normal parameters including buffer size. Pro Tools will record audio from the inputs, but output is not functional. The sound panel in control panel recognizes all inputs and outputs like vista does. When I open a sound program ie pro tools, itunes or right click on outputs 1-2 in the control panel and hit test, the AUX In light flickers and I hear crackling though my connected monitors. It seems like the sound card is trying to output audio but something is preventing it from happening. All this happened after I had a completely working Win 7 64 bit system and my machine went into sleep mode. What could sleep mode done to my system to render it dysfunctional. Any help appreciated.
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