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Default PT 12.8.1 and Command 8 - stopped working?

Everything was working great, or so I thought. Came in to mix my latest project and my Command 8 quit working. I've tried everything, even went back and tried it on my old PC running PT 12 and it works just fine.

Interestingly, I cannot select "Port 1" for input to PT. I can select Port 1 for output to the C8, but for input to PT it only shows "Port 2", which from everything I've read is NOT the USB port, its the 1st MIDI port. Disconnecting literally everything on my system (Mac PRO 2013) and I can still only see Port 2 in all MIDI apps Including MIDI Tools.

In Audio/MIDI Setup it shows the little pic of the Command 8 and all 3 ports are listed there with port 1 showing both a MIDI In and an Out.

Its a little achedemic at this point because I've tried everything and ordered a new FaderPort16 as a replacement.

I honestly don't think it has anything to do w/ PT. If other MIDI apps dont see Port 1, it has to be my Mac, and knowing how to fix it would be awesome. Esp for a diehard PC\hardware guy who is now in love with BOTH my Macs, even though sometimes they cause me grief just because they are way too simple and I don't get to reboot all the time in the middle of recording sessions!

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