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Default Re: Pro Tools First: Whats the catch? Long time Reaper user.

Originally Posted by michaelray1284 View Post
Considering its all cloud based with no application to download on client side, I pass. Processing audio over the cloud is a bit too far fetched.
There are many reasons to pass on Pro Tools First, but this is not one if them, you were told completely wrong information.

Amongst reasons I would pass are...

Inability to use existing Pro Tools session files

Inability to use plugins I already own/have purchased

Inability to flexibly work offline with more than one session.

It does nothing better, and many things worse, than other DAWs, the cloud/collaboration stuff that Avid is hyping has *negative* interest.

If the product stability is as bad as has been seen with Pro Tools 11...

And beginners are much more likely to be better served with existing easier to use that Pro Tools DAWs, everything from Garage Band on up.... Especislly on the creative/composition/VI side where Pro Tools is already weak. Avid has struggled and failed before to do a low-end DAW version that was successful (definition of fail is they keep releasing and abandoning products. What happens if they abandon First? How do you keep your content? In editable form?). Products like Pro Tools SE were a mess, too complex for new users, too simple for others and terribly poorly supported. So being "free" it might get traction with some users, or it might just be a way for lots of users to experience difficulty getting started using a DAW and software instability from Avid, and no effective free support from Avid for newbie users. We will have to see...

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