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Default Re: Gently Weeping For My Guitar

I build and repair acoustic guitars.
This can and does happen without neglect or misuse.
Wood is an organic material and pieces often have imprecations that are impossible to know until something happens.

The bridge can be replaced- it is a non-trivial bit of work and that bridge shape is not one I think you can buy ready made.

A skilled repairer will be able to make a replacement and fit it.
I'd charge about 200-300 for a job like that, including a finish repair so it looks seamless.
If a replacement can be found premade then you are looking closer to 100-150.
If it is a poly finish then it is more difficult to do seamlessly, rather than nitro or oil which can more easily be blended.

If this is a budget guitar then it is probably cheaper in the long run to replace the guitar.
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