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Default Re: PT 10 vs Windows 10?

For my friends usiing Pro Tools HD-10 on Windows 10...I am running on a custom built desktop. My issue was that randomly, while recording or mixing, PT would stop with the -9073 (disk not fast enough) error. I noticed that randomly, the pro tools performance window would show near 0% utilization, then show spikes in the disk utilization bar and the Windows task manager just before I got the error. This was bizarre because my PT sessions data drive is made up of two 1TB 7200 RPM hard drives in a striped RAID-0 configuration, which is fast and ideal for audio and video work. After what seemed to be eons of searches to solve this problem, I came across a YouTube video describing how to get a handle on erratic Windows disk activity . I applied some of the tweeks to Windows 10, and for days I have not gotten that error. No guarantees, of course, but this might for you as well.
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