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Default Re: Need Some Help Identifying a Bit of Tech


Wouldn't it be RIGHT if great music got great audience and dull music ..umm.. not so great? I think it is ridiculous that simplest music gather biggest audiences just because the so called artist looks nice. And the real artis who perhaps doesn't care about the looks is usually alone with the art that really should be broadcasted for greater audience.

But then again, it takes a great ear to recognise great music so perhaps that's why most of the music sold is crap (on artistic scale). Because if you cannot make a difference between (on a scale of 0 to 10) song rated 5 and song rated 10 it effectively means you are favoring mediocracy and can pick a 10 only by pure luck.

I mean... even though I can manage to throw paint to a canvas, it doesn't make me a great artist even though millions of people would see that trash somewhere. It takes a lot of vision and trial&error for a real artist to create that one version that doesn't suck so much and represents the vision as closely as possible. AND after that miracle has happened, it also takes another great eye to recognise the piece of art.

Do I have to clarify this more? Let's say I have a keyboard controller on my desk. Does it make me a great pianist? And should I ever release something, would that be art or some common s*it

That's why I need to sometimes hear real music performed by real musicians, such as a London Symphony Orchestra gig anywhere in the world.
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