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Default Re: New Hackintosh / PT7 monster HD PCI Rig

Everything is up and going. 4 TB of WD data drives, system, PT, and Waves on a 120G SSD, 16G of memory, ethernet and graphics functioning well.

I'm in the process of buying a used D-Control and installing it in my truck, so the new items on the agenda are installing the cards and testing with a 192, probably Monday. With the new fabrication we have to do the console will probably take a week or so to install. It doesn't have a monitor arm, just a hole where it used to be, so I've got to research that. Also need to get a new screen for the arm, something large enough for my tired eyes. But oh so exciting!

I've named the new machine the Beast (which I did before reading about MultiBeast), and it has all the components mentioned in a D-Storm rack case. It's pretty heavy, so we'll have to support it from the back as well as the rack ears. The truck has air ride, and none of my previous CPUs have had any vibration issues. The HVAC keeps the machine room pretty cold, and most of the fan noise is behind the wall. I did the build thinking about how much the box would get shaken around, so I think it's pretty solid. Once I have all the parts in I'll try to post a picture.

What are you using the other PCI slots for? My mind keeps drifting around finding an old PCI Accel and taking a stab at making an HD4 system, if that would even work. Once I can afford it, sell all but 2 of the 192s, get two of the Madi interfaces and have 128 tracks available for record. For now I'll stay HD3, maybe put an ESATA card in the 4th slot.

Thanks for your help!

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