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Originally Posted by Tech_BLVD View Post
I just want to add the HDX 192 to increase the input and my output ...
Well what you want to do and what you can do are different...

There ain't no such thing as a "HDX 192". You mean you want to add your 192 IO to the UAD Apollo (whether that 192 IO is connected today to a HD Native PCIe card, HD Native Thunderbolt, or a HDX PCIe card is irrelevant)... well as Dave pointed out you cannot. And you don't tell us what UAD Apollo model you have.

The 192 IO is a Digilink interface, the UAD Apollo does not use Digilink in, out or sideways.

The 192 IO also does not run stand alone, so you can't for example use it is a line-in/ADAT-out box to the ADAT-in on an UAD Apollo (assuming you have a model with ADAT in)

And you can't run them separately as interfaces and say Core Audio aggregate the devices, you can't aggregate a Digilink Device in Pro Tools with a CoreAudio device, and you can't use the HDX as a CoreAudio device within Pro Tools.

If you have a Thunderbolt Apollo... the high-end option is buy another Apollo and cascade them on Thunderbolt.

Or pick up any ADAT-out preamp/line in box and go into the ADAT-in on your Apollo, if it has ADAT (the Apollo 16 not).

Or if you want to run HDX plugins at all (sound like you don't)... then you need the interface connected there, and you can add IO by picking up a used cheap 192 IO or HD IO.

If you are moving from HDX to UAD for tracking hopefully you understand the UAD plugin latency issues and needs to run plugins in the UAD Console.

If you want help, why don't you describe *exactly* what you have today, what exact IO you need to increase (how many line-in? preamps?) , and what your budget is and folks here can help you.
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