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Default Click track(s) not playing back properly

Sorry not sure where to put this post or where to ask.
I'm using ptle 7.3.1 winxp pro sp2. machine has 2gigs of RAM.

I'm working through through the Pro Tools for Musicians book. (by gina fant-saez)

One of the first items is to set up a click track which worked fine.

Not that this is related but who knows... Installed a second sata hard drive a few days later as advised by digidesign. I'm NOT using raid. The 2nd drive is for all PT session files. Started the book over making sure the new session is created and saved on the 2nd hard drive, created a click track.

This time it wont play properly. I hear random clicks, sometimes on the beat, soemtimes off the beat then nothing. Every now and then I hear a complete measure or two of the clicks the it stops. Also 2 or 3 seconds AFTER stopping playback a few clicks from the click track go off rapid fire. It's wierd!

So I created another session etc and again click track does not play properly. Same as above happens. Did it a third time and again the same problem.

Oddly I have created multiple audio tracks and recorded a guitar plugged directly into the 002 in all the above sessions. Along with the tracks, even imported some audio files (.aif) and ALL playback fine. Only the click track(s) will not play back correctly.

I've adjusted the playback engine trying every setting imagineable, it still doesn't work.

Again, this is on winxp pro sp2 with all the digi advised setup done per instructions. In msconfig, nothing in the startup section is set to intiialize to allow PTLE to run as efficiently as possible by using as much of the PC's resources as possible. This is a new machine, a dedicated DAW.

Anybody have any idea what I can check or do to fix things so click tracks playback properly?

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