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Default Re: What is the best sounding MP3 process?

Originally Posted by Muzoid View Post
That's cool, actually what I'm looking for

do you import into itunes as 16 or 24 bit?
Ah. For daily refs, I simply export regions (command-shift-K) as 16-bit interleaved, then drag (or command-O) to iTunes.

I have never been comfortable with 24-bit files in iTunes, even if it is supposed to be able to handle them.

I know that PT will output a dithered 16-bit file, so I use a so-called professional tool to make the 16-bit file, then iTunes to make the mp3. I know this is not logical, just habit.

WILL IT SOUND BETTER if the source for the mp3 is 24-bit? Does it matter? We are talking about a lossy compression that sounds, well, lossy. I would imagine the loss from 1411k to 256k is much worse than than 24-bit to 16-bit -- even if it's truncated.

Unless we are talking about files for distribution, does it really matter how we make crappy mp3 references? I think you should find a workflow that makes you happy.
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