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Default Re: PT 11.2 with HDX 9171 error

Also noticed that the video engine in 11.2 is not as stable as when I was running 10.3.8. I have a 59.94 1080p video that played OK in PT 10 at full quality but in 11.2 the video engine keeps stopping and restarting. When I dumb down to "best performance" or "draft" quality in the track, the video engine works fine.

This is also making me suspect my graphics card may not be up to snuff for 11.2. Anyone have thoughts? It's an older ATI FireProV3700 from 4 years ago approximately with 256 mb ram. AMD bought ATI but doesn't seem to release any new drivers.

If people have suggestions of graphics cards that work in stable systems, I may buy a new one.

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