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Default AVID, why stop selling HD 9?!

I've decided to upgrade 2 systems to HD 9. And just as I decide that, Avid decides not to sell 9 anymore. What the heck. SOoOOo frustrating. Not all of the software/hardware out there is ready for 10 yet... certainly not all of the software/hardware that I own. So don't force me to go to 10! I'm still going to buy your stuff. I'm still going to buy 10 later. I just like to be a late adopter... wait until the kinks are worked out, wait until all the third party stuff plays well together. It seems like companies could care less about ironing out the kinks. Let's just rush a new version to market once a year and make everyone upgrade.

I just want to buy software and two licenses for HD 9. Can someone help me out here? Please?!
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