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Default Fades and Automation w/ UA Apollo& PT

Hi there,I'm using an Apollo twin as my DAW's front end going a Mac (OSX 10.13.6) with Pro Tools (12?)
I track thru U. A's 'Console' with Pro Tool's I.O. configured as per UA's instructions , Pro Tools Hard Ware buffer size is at 128 and the 'Low latency Monitoring ' is checked..
I'm routing tracks into 'Console' additionally (Mic is automatically input 1& instruments input 2) by designating the outputs of the tracks in Pro Tools as 'Virtual 1-2' with a stereo mix buss being fed by 'Console ' via 'Console's ' sends, with it's INPUT as 'Virtual 1-2'. I have a slap back delay , a verb , an La2a, and a Vox FX as stereo Aux's, with their outputs as 'Virtual 1-2'( seems to me i got horrible feed back configuring their outputs as default 'Master1-2') I bus tracks into the FX Aux's as needed
I've been mixing dwn, printing this stereo 'Mix Buss' track in Pro Tools, with a light bit of a mastering /dynamic 'Plug-In' on it, then bouncing the 'Printed Track' down to disk as an mp3, so i can send it to various devices for listening in the car , what have you...I alos put an 'Oxide Tape' 'Plug-In' on the insert of 'Console's Virtual 1-2'
I used to be able to write automation and a fade out before bouncing dwn. to disk but since using the U.A. Apollo as the front end , I cannae seem to do either? and as far as I know, the only thing in my Pro Tools configuration that has changed, is having Apollo as the 'Play Back Engine' in PT, the IO, along with checking the LLM and diminishing the HW Buffer size (only for tracking, I kick it up to 1028 when mixing) so can't figure why automation and fade outs ,in's etc are no longer working in Pro Tools?
I'm sure it's something simple, right in front of me,I'm probably not asking the question right!But I haven't found the answer anywhere though so i really appreciate your help and time! and I apologize for my bad grammer, Kerouac -ian like run on sentences etc, I yam having a bad case of 'The Dumb'! tracking away here in Lovely , Dwn Twn Burbankia! Thanks! -jp

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