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Default Non Lethal Video Slave 3 user experience

About 10 days ago I dipped my toe in Version 3 of Video Slave after trying V1 some time ago. I decided to explore after getting fed up with my video based PT sessions constantly falling over despite following all the transcoding rules Avid suggest.

My workflow has improved dramatically down to the fact that Im not using Avids Video Engine. Version 3 (pro) is locked to Video ref on my Blackmagic card. I exported a movie from VS3 with timecode burned in via the app and then re-imported it so I could compare live and burnt timecodes - Both were perfectly frame locked with Tools.

No Video crashes in a week. Tools still gave me some -9173 errors as the track count grew though and a few Eucon issues during this weeks session -but those are PT only problems. The workaround for looping works to a certain extent, however for Fx placement I generally just run it rather than loop so Im not too bothered by that. I don't do ADR and am not sure I would be so impressed with this issue if that was a big part of my work, however I'm impressed regardless and have purchased it as a result.

I find it hard to believe that the developers of the great Media Composer cannot seem to get a stable Video engine running in Pro Tools

Now if I could just stop the -9173 errors in tools, I would be a happy bunny....
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