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Default Re: Midi Clips View Problem, option + "-" keyboard shortcut broken

I realize this is a ~5 month old thread - but I have the same problem. I distinctly remember certain sessions of mine doing what I'd expect (swapping between velocity view and clips view is what I expect, which is slightly different from kingtinker's expectations) and doing the notes/velocity swap.

It's extremely frustrating. I know Avid seems to be wholeheartedly against user-definable key shortcuts (which is understandable - I actually come from the post production/sound design/editing world, and having universal key commands is nice - I can work anywhere and not get confused). But, this is one I would love to have a preference for.

(My ideal would be to have completely user-definable shortcuts, which can be saved as a file for editors to take with them when editing on other systems, but maybe that's just me...)
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