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Default Re: so which sample libraries are good???

Man I don't mind buying another computer, and I do sequencing in the MPC2000xl. I just want the best sounds available It seems like this is gonna be the Giga sampler plus a few modules

So far I like this
NI Pro tools bundle (Pro 52 and B4
Giga sampler's Garritan Strings, Bosenfdorfer Piano, Quantam Leap Brass, and the Miroslav Vitous orchestra. I think this will replace a Kurzweil K2600 with sample library.

I have a rhodes that I'll eventually finish sampling (my samples sound better than any library on it I've ever heard)

Now I only need a wurly and maybe a triton or Mophat.

I'm gonna be borrowing an SE-1 for sampling soon. Do you all think sampling it in thirds will be cool???? What do ya'll think of the soundset I'm going far any suggestions??

I'm doing Hip Hop and RnB but It's just like any other music I need good high quality strings, brass, grand piano, B3, wurly, rhodes
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