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Default Re: so which sample libraries are good???

Originally posted by Still No SSL Yet:
A few days ago we discussed the best samplers to buy (for me it's come down to SSC, Giga Studio, and an akai z4). All of these read both akai and roland sample files. The problem is these are old libraries, and I'm just getting into this stuff. I'm in NewOrleans with no where to test before buying. What are the best libraries or single discs in any of the above formats. (I may buy more than one sampler).

Is buying sample libraries better than getting dedicated ROM blocks in Kurzweil, Triton Roland 5080 etc... What are the best sound sources. Are is it best to use a hybrid of both??
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">The strongest sampler out there is Gigastudio. There is nothing like it. The libraries for it are the best. That said, there are plenty of great sounds for the Roland, etc, but you can have access to all these with Giga using Chicken System's Translator program.

Best libraries are going to depend on what you are into, but the standouts are:

Garriton Strings
Purfect Drums
Sonic Implants Strings
and the brass, rare instruments, and VOTA libraries by Nick Phoenix, sold via EAST WEST (Sounds Online.)

All will set you back a healthy amount. Whether expansion boards are good enough for you only you can say. For some things, they may be fine. The 5080 is a great box, but is a pain in rear to use as far as sample playback is concerned. I'm sure the AKAI is a bit easier. But neither are even close in power to GIGA.
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