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Default Re: Avid Fast Track solo white noise

I am experiencing a similar problem with a new to me PC here is a copy of a email that I sent to Sweetwater:

More info for your tech. I changed computers last week here are the specs on the new one.

1 x HP Z400 Workstation Intel Xeon W3520 2.66GHz Quad Core CPU, 8GB memory, 120GB SSD HD + 1TB HD, NVIDIA ...
Colors: Black/Silver / Operating System: Windows 7 Professional / CPU Type: Xeon Quad Core / CPU Speed: 2.66 GHz / GPU/VGA Type: NVIDIA Quadro FX580 / Memory Capacity: 8 GB DDR3 / SSD: 120 GB / HDD: 1 TB

Loaded the current driver for the Fast Track off of Avid's site, everything connects find. Using PT 10, added a wave file backup track for a solo song I have been working on and playback of the wav file is random white noise, very shocking when you have the volume up on the monitors. So I thought I might have a bad file and import a known good wave file and I have the same problem. I then attempted to make a voice recording and have all types of white noise and occasionally sound like it should be but jumping back and forth with the white noise. I havne't used the Fast track for several months not really sure what is going on.
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