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Posted over in the General Discussion area. Guy gets booted off Comcast exceeding 250 gigs two months in a row (backing up to cloud, upload limit).

Perhaps this guy was using Carbonite? Metadata with Gobbler is encrypted, there is a lot going on re BMI and cloud storage. Maybe not such a good idea to store MP-3s of session roughs to cloud just yet?

...deleted. However I did sign up for a Gobbler account. They claim to use a proprietary encryption for all METADATA (if using broadcast wave or 64 bit broadcast wave... copyright info, timestamp, etc) most people don't realize their mail is generally sent over unencrypted ports (unless specifically set as in search: Securing Thunderbird ports) so FTP personalized links that expire in 48 hours could still be downloaded by anyone with access to that link. It would be a great feature IMO if the cloud storage app would provide the IP address of recipient and confirmation of download. To me this is just as important as encrypting metadata and compressing Pro Tools/DP/Logic sessions without causing data corruption...

Why it's not a good idea to store final mixes of your client's sessions in the cloud just yet...

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