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Default 442 Interface

Every time I turn the 442 off for a day or so I can't get it to lock on again. I go in and throw away the digi setup and digi com files from the system folder and the protools preferences from the preference folder, reboot and then turn on the 442. It just keeps on clicking (the unlocked up sound). I have wiggled the cable between the 442 and the Nubus card on my computer and also sprayed some contact cleaner on the cable and the connects. The last time it happened I just turned the computer and the 442 on and left the 442 chattering for several hours. The chattering slowed down until it finally lock on and then it worked fine for two months. I have just been leaving the 442 ON for months at a time because of this problem. Is there a battery backup in the 442 that remembers settings or something. If the power goes off and right back on again- it doesn't have the problem. It is just when the 442 has been off for a while. ANY IDEAS?
Dwight Oyer
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