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Default Re: USB Flash Drive for Audio Storage

I have an update here;

For Windows XP Users;

NTFS and FAT tables

I want to use a USB Flash drive instead of a 320gig WD Notebook USB/Firewire External Harddrive (NTFS) to record live sessions. Then transfer my session's files to the External Harddrive. The less I have to lug around, the better off I will be.

It appears to be possible to store audio info to the USB Flashdrive. PT LE 7.31 will only store data that is being recorded to a drive with NTFS format on an XP system. I own a Scandisk cruzer Micro 2 gig flash drive. The File allocation table is FAT not NTFS. There are 2 ways you can pursue. One is to convert the FAT to NTFS without losing any Data on the flashdrive, or you can reformat the flash drive as an NTFS storage device. There are a few more things you will need to tweak if you do pursue this.

At this posting, I have not changed anything on my Flash Drive yet. If anyone wants to pursue this matter before I try this myself, Here is a Website that will discuss the issues of formatting and or converting a Flash Drive and/or USB external hard drive to NTFS. This site has other links for more info;

If you are not an experienced Windows user, then I recommend you don't try this.

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