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Default Re: what exactly does "will no longer be supported" mean?

What Avid have said in various interviews, etc., is that they will not do anything intentionally to break support with the older interfaces.

But as they make improvements, updates, bug fixes, etc., they will not do any testing with the older interfaces to see if any incompatibility or problem occurs. So it may be that the older units will work for quite a while, or it could be that they make a change to something and it won't. But it won't be anything intentional. They just want to be able to move on with their software without worrying about compatibility for older interfaces.

Here's a couple of suggestions, though. When PT11 comes out, since you're only using 2 channels, you may want to at that time think about selling your 002 and getting a simple 2 channel interface with digital Spidf I/O. I would recommend the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6, with its inexpensive price tag, rock solid drivers, and lower latency than the 002/003, even at the same buffer setting (and even though it's USB). And it should be supported for quite a while (it's up to NI, not Avid). I think your setup will be simpler that way.

You couldn't do this now because it looks like you're still on PT8, so you need an actual Digi interface. But once you get PT11 you could.

Another suggestion would be, when PT11 comes out, if they still have the 002/003 trade up to HD, to take advantage of that. You could get the HD Native Thunderbolt bundle with HD Omni, get $1000 off of that with the trade in, and also sell your Rosetta for about $1000, since with the Omni you will be getting even better sound quality and conversion, plus great monitor control and a couple of very nice preamps. And then you won't have a hodge-podge of different boxes.
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