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Default Re: what exactly does "will no longer be supported" mean?

It means that you will be on your own, and crossing your fingers. Here's the good news. I have heard from a credible source, that the 003 WILL still be supported(in spite of the early reports), and, since the driver is the same for both 002 and 003(at least it HAS been the same since PT9), I suspect there is a good chance it will work. but there IS that chance that it won't for some unforeseen reason(maybe a new driver would be required, but Avid is not going to invest the R&D into old hardware). In any case, since the 002 is so old, and has likely paid for itself long ago, replacing it is not such a bad thing if needed. There are several better sounding interfaces, and the TB to FW adapter may or may not work, regardless(I don't watch the Mac side too closely so I recommend watching for reports of success/failure with that cable).
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