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Default what exactly does "will no longer be supported" mean?

Hi everyone. This is my first question and i hope someone from Avid knows the answer. I want to upgrade my recording system once the 64-bit Pro Tools comes out. The Avid site says that the Digi 002 is one of the audio interfaces that will "no longer be supported" after Pro Tools 10. What does that exactly mean? Does it mean the digi 002 won't work at all with Pro Tools 11, or that Avid will simply no longer provide customer support for the Digi 002. Most people on this forum believe it means that it won't work at all, but can someone from Avid give me a definitive answer?
My plan is to get the new imac with thunderbolt ports(and purchase the necessary firewire to thunderbolt cable, and firewire 800 to 400 converter), stick with the digi 002, and upgrade to pro tools 11 once it comes out. The reason i want to keep my digi 002 is because i only use it to communicate with pro tools. I have the Rosetta 200 AD converter and a nice mic preamp already. It'd be a shame to have to buy a new audio interface when i already spent thousands on the rosetta 200 and mic preamp.
Let me thank you all in advance!
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