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Default 001 staying put?

Well, no hardware (003) yet. so other than more plugins, and softsynts not alot to gain yet. I have a 2 chl Apopge mine me for overdubs and clocking so with the 01v96 I am good, I would love more plugs but I can manage. I did'nt see anything about more tracks? I still can get by but I thought for sure there would be 48 with voicing. No PDC, here again not a sore thumb with me but hugely requested. I think we will have to wait for 6-12 mo to see a new LE 003. I thought they were going to kill it off untill the new Mbox? should have savved the money on R$D for the 003 or made a pcmcia card (Dongle) for our laptops.

No rush here, I will love seeing the new dave c results though, And when the 003 is here I will pay half as much for my new dual proceser, dual core AMD x2 + 6200 O maybe even a quad cpu board! Cant wait to here the results from the bleeding edge guys
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