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Default Re: Plugin Alliance Pick Pack

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
Now that a few weeks have passed. I still am going to get this. but......I personally would like to see the pickpack modified a few ways.

1. You can put a downpayment of any amount on the total of the $841, which
which will reduce the monthly term from 29 months

2. You could pick less than 10 right now and then get the new ones as they come out or over the course of the monthly term pick the ones you want.
example. - Maybe I want 7 right now...I postpone 3 and still pay for them but will pick them later.


1. 29 months is a long time. I am not really concerned about the money more about being locked in for so long.

2. If a new plug comes out that I want, but I have already been forced to pick my 10 then I can't get it. I have to pay full price. - which pushes me back to waiting for new plugs before I join pick pack.

Anyway you cut is a great deal and I am glad they are offering it....I just would like to see some slight modifications.

Cheers and thank you Dirk (PS how do you like that LA Traffic? ;^)
yes yes yes! You nailed it.

since we can;t choose the amount of plugins, we can start out contract for 10 and pick the ones we want at any time during the payment period.. GREAT idea.
Gotta present that to Dirk.
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