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Default Re: Is this a possibility?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I still have to try sync mode in the Alesis.

I believe I have to set the Alesis "internal clock" to "in"...

Sorry, but I'm still not sure of the connections to make the syncing work.

Right now protools can record 4 separate audio tracks simultaneously from the Alesis. I have the four 1/4 inch outs on the Alesis plugged into the Fast Track M-Audio inputs.

So for syncing midi, is it:Forget the 1/4 inches?

"Midi out" from my Fast Track M-Audio to the "Midi in" on the Alesis? Do I have to come midi out of the Alesis?

I am correct in thinking that the Alesis drum tracks in protools should be a "midi" tracks, not an audio tracks?
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