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Default Artist Mix bad ethernet port?


I'm new here and have joined because I just picked up an Artist Mix controller from To keep things brief - I'm in the process of having the serial number transferred to my name with Avid. I have purchased a single incident ASC and i'm in touch with their support team because of some connection issues i'm having.

Basically, the unit is not being recognized on my computer. I've tried it connected directly to the ethernet port on my mac mini and i've also tried connecting via a netgear ethernet switch. I have tried multiple cat5e pass thru and crossover ethernet cables during my troubleshooting.

The biggest thing I'm currently noticing is that not even the ethernet switch seems to recognize it the way it would with any other device because when I attach the artist mix to it - the LED for the corresponding port doesn't illuminate.

This has led me to believe it might simply be a hardwire issue with the Artist mix. Maybe the ethernet is faulty...?

To try and help answer anymore questions for those who read this I will list my system specs below. Currently I have the most recent Eucontrol 20.6.1 installed. I'm running the most current Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6 but i've also troubleshooted on the previous 10.15.5 build of Catalina. I've tried connecting using the DHCP mode and the static IP address mode.


2018 Mac Mini
6 core 3ghz i5 processor
64 gigs of RAM

I'd really like to get this working and i'm willing to have the patience for it. I intend to speak more with support over the phone in the morning before I head off to work.

Has anyone else had their ethernet jack on their Artist Mix fail?

Thanks for any help you folks can offer!

Nick Landt
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