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Default Re: (Total) lack of respect wth the RTAS plug-ins owners and PT10

Originally Posted by sw rec View Post
Avid of course has no control over the 3rd-party plugin manufacturers, but I'm curious as to which of your RTAS plugins haven't been ported to AAX-64 yet? Almost every single one of mine (and I have a LOT of plugins) made the AAX-64 transition when I was still on PT 11.
And the reason they give you a 10/12 combo license is so you still have a platform for all those RTAS plugins. I still revert to my 10 install on occasion for that very reason.
Why didn't you research compatibility BEFORE you spent money? All the info is out there.
If it's working on PT 10 and you're happy with it, just keep on working with what you have. Is your MAC capable of running El Capitan?
I have to update because I use another software that is requiring the update. I own a mac pro 2010 (with 32gb ram), that is not the latest tecnology but I wonder that is work with el capitan.
Its a hard decision, cause I have to pay 400 bucks to upgrade pro tools and even paying, will not work properly for me.
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