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Default Re: S3 + Mackie Control or HUI

Originally Posted by themissingcow View Post
I tried the 3.6.1 + 18.3 trick and the ports re-appear, but installing 19.7 over the top makes them disappear again (even if I don't un-install).
I just tried an experiment, and copied the EuphonixMIDI.plugin from the 18.3 install over the top of the one from 19.7 and now the ports show up. So this might be a work-around for those who need the update + MackieControl emulation. What I did was:

1. Install 3.6.1 then 18.3
2. Copy /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/EuphonixMIDI.plugin somewhere safe
3. Install 19.7
4. Copy EuphonixMIDI.plugin over the newly installed one
5. Restart
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