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Default Re: From Creation to Final Mix - Tutorial & Session Files

Originally Posted by shtik View Post
Just a minor note about that, I saw that some guys assume it's a mix contest. I thought so too, until I read the conditions..

You should, as we all do, try your best to get the best mix you can at this point, but in the end, the winners will be picked at random:

Anyway, a very nice learning experience indeed.
I noticed that too, shtik, and I was going to post about it. AVID and Puremix are promoting this as a "Competition". I think that it's misleading, though. Competition implies value judgments being made as to which mixes are "better" than others. What they're doing here is more like a raffle or game of chance. Well, it says "drawing" right on the page where you can see all of the video episodes of the recording session. I agree with you, though- it's a nice learning experience- a practice mix to exercise one's skills and creativity.

Another thing I noticed: regarding the promotion of Pro Tools 11, they could have kept the "11" theme going, but they didn't! The "competition" ends on January 11. They should give out 11 prizes, not 10! And an 11-month Puremix subscription. D'OH!
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