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Default Re: From Creation to Final Mix - Tutorial & Session Files

Originally Posted by Doug Brunelle View Post
I think some folks tend to overlook the stock plugins found in Pro Tools- they are of high quality and can do probably 95% of what you need to do in audio production. It's not so much the tools, but the person's skill in wielding them that gets the needed results.

And yes, I'm enjoying the Creation2Mix videos also- I haven't tried any "competition mix" projects before, but since I'm upgrading to PT 11 (from 8 LE), I decided to try mixing "Words To Say". I've already put a version up on SoundCloud. Hmmm, I might remix it and put a new version up there- we have until January 11. A mix is never quite done until the deadline!

I recall some well known audio guru saying, "no mix is ever is just abandoned!" Or something close to that!
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