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Lightbulb From Creation to Final Mix - Tutorial & Session Files

Music: The Role of the Producer in Music Creation
By Fab Dupont on December 3, 2014
Grammy-nominated producer Fab Dupont and The Arrows work together to take their demo idea all the way to a complete set of recorded audio and MIDI tracks ready for final mixing...Read more

And a new video series:

From Creation to Final Mix
From a Demo to a Hit song: A Journey
Watch the trailer and the first episode of this video series featuring South African band The Arrows and Grammy-nominated producer Fab Dupont as they turn a demo into a hit song with Pro Tools 11.

Sign up to download the tracks, watch next episodes and more:
  • Watch episodes 2 to 6 and master the art of creating a song with Pro Tools 11
  • See how Fab and The Arrows work together turning a demo into a finished track ready for mixing
  • Learn how to improve your own demos with production tips and tricks from Fab
  • Download the tracks and produce your own version of this song
  • Share your thoughts in forums hosted by our press partners and enter the draw to win a copy of Pro Tools 11 plus 1-Year Puremix Subscription
  • Listen to how some professional producers mix/remix this song


Creation To Final Mix: Meet the Artists Inside Avid
By Aurélien Pichod in Music January 14, 2015
At Avid, two of our talents, Lars Kischkel and Eric Horstmann, EMEA Audio Solutions Specialists, surprised us with their own version of the song “Words to Say” by The Arrows, which they worked on in their spare time...Read more

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