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Default Re: DA88 TDIF Out to 192 TDIF IN

Here's a solution I dug up from an old post of mine. You can clock several ways for getting audio into the 192 via TDIF from a DA-88, but this is the only way to have it work in both directions...

1) Connect TDIF from the 192 digital card to the DA-88.

2) ProTools can be master clock (internal) or locked to something else (except the DA-88)

3) Connect Word Clock from the 192 External Clock out to the DA-88 Word Clock In. Terminate at the DA-88 input with a BNC 'T' and 75 ohm terminator. I know this seems wrong to double terminate, but the Tascam WC input circuit is part of the problem.

4) In the Hardware setup window, set the Ext. Clock Output to Word Clock (tdif). This is in the lower right hand corner of the Main page of the hardware setup. This changes the timing of the clock output by 90 to make it work.

-Cannot use legacy peripherals, because they force the 192 Ext Word Clock out to be 256x fs.

-Cannot lock the DA-88 to something else, like video.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

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