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The Focusrites are preamps/converters with ADAT OUTs only
whereas both Motus are preamps/converters and audio interfaces with ADAT OUTs and INs.

the Focusrites themself can be connected to an audio interface as an mic pre extension via ADAT
but there canīt be connected any other units to the Focusrites via ADAT because of the lack of ADAT INs.
Unlike with the Motus which can be connected in standalone mode to another audio interface
working as mic pres only via ADAT...but there also can be connected other external units to the Motus via their ADAT INs.

The Motus can be used as preamps/converters only as well as complete audio interfaces.
The Focusrites only work as preamps/converters.

If you already have a decent, well working audio interface theoretically it would not make sense to buy the Motus as you
would have to pay for stuff you already have.
On the other hand if you would want to get two in one, a mic pre extension as well as a "back up"-audio interface in the
case your current one would break down once then it could make sense to get the more expensive Motus.

Itīs just up to you, your needs and what you will be able to afford.

Yes, the Octopre MK2 is the newest model.

The very best to you,


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