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Default ProTools 9.0.5, iLok issues, Digi 003R+ issues

I am in dire straights.
I have been happily using my Protools rig for weeks and 3 weeks ago I get an "unable to initialize ASIO device" error meaning my Digi 003R+ was not being seen by PT9 ? I updated all the drivers, checked my settings, rebooted and tried again. Nothing. I uninstalled Protools9, reinstalled my original PT8, then installed my PT9 cross grade, then updated PT9, now I get an error that my iLok needs to be updated, ok. I have downloaded the update from iLok 3x and ran the installer 3x, and I continue to get the same error, I can't even launch PT9 to see if my Digi 003 is working?

I can't believe that it is so difficult to contact AVID about these type of issues, I just want there to be some one I can email to get a little help. I have been a supporter of AVID through all the recent changes, but I am starting to get frustrated.

Has something changed recently, w/ Windows? or Digi? or iLok?
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