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Default Re: HD 192 bass-lite? Impedance mismatch?

Iíll try to set the record straight. I was at that studio with Mixer Man the other night. Iím not sure if he hates digital and/or Pro Tools, it does not seem so, he did have a HD rig for editing. I did hear the comparison, and it was, as he said.

I thought the 80 to 100 hz had less energy on the HD rig and opposed to the Studer. It was possibly shelved and at what "hz" I donít know, it did have less "weight". If you have ever done an analog to digital transfer, you know what Iím talking about. I did hear it and it would not have ruined my day, it is par for the course.

Now having said that, I have to say that the Radar came back as close as anything could to the Studer. It was nice to see that kind of replication. I started to get bummed about my HD rig and then I thought about this. First off, at the end of the day the difference was small and secondly the Radar is 12 tracks @ 96k without a mixer and plug-ins and cost around 12,000. Pro Tools is 64 tracks @96k with very useable mixer and is a monster editor and cost under 16,000 with cpu and the HD3 and a 192 interface.

I do not feel (along with all the studio techs Iíve talk to) that it was an impedance mismatch, all the specs look correct for each piece of gear. The two recorders just sound different. In my fantasy world I would have liked to also had a 3M-79 and an Otari-MTR90 on that session to compare, cause they all sound different.

I talked to the guys at IZ (great guys) and they said that their converters are trying to be as linear as possible, he did say that they use very "expensive" analog circuits. If the guys at IZ Technologies ever made the added feature called "Click Tracy" then, maybe these types of productions would use their Radar exclusively. The bottom line is, the Radar is a really great sounding box as is Pro Tools HD. It comes down to what do we want to work on and what can we afford? I guess the 5 or 6 Radarís would be the cheap part of the equation compared to a rebuilt 64 input 8128 or 8108.

Iíve been tracking on my HD and Iím really enjoying the "day-light" in the bottom. I feel the bottom is way more musical now than it was before on my TDM 1 rig. I do not spend so much time carving out the low end in my mixes. Iíll just get back to work.

Peace, Brad
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