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Don't have a large experience with pro tools as for configuration point of view (since 12.8) but it's becoming more and more stable. I'm still running a Mac mini late 2012 i5 with just 16g of ram with great stability (I even did basic mixing while tracking at 64 buffer size).

But I realised that whenever I had a 9173 error was due to maybe another app running in the background that in a determined moment stresses a little bit the MacOs (usually at very low buffer size), or with some plugins.

When it has to do with plugins, the buffer size matters less. So you can have these errors even if you run it at 1024. Maybe it has to do with aax implementation....don't know and I'm not an expert in computer programming.

But I can take decisions. I had to decide what's more important for me, running pro tools with great stability or having that ..... (insert whatever name of plugin here). For me was running pro tools with out any error and this determined me to be very judicious about plugins. So I have 2 rules applied for this:
1) Does that plugin trashes pro tools stability? If it does than it's out of my system without even thinking twice, even if it's the best in its class.
2) Does that plugin really has something valuable adding to me that no other plugin in my list does? If it goes.

So basically I run stock pro tools plugins with some adds like the bx Focusrite plugin and some freebies.

I think mixing is not about having tones of plugins but about you. Running a clean list of plugins and a very stable pro tools system really helps my workflow and lets me think about my work and not about other stuff.

As always, it's my opinion and experience.
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