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Default Ideas for ducking music track?

My wife uses Pro Tools on a daily basis for voice-over work. She needs to have a music track duck down in level about a second before the voice over comes in & back up after the voice over is through. This happens numerous times throughout each production.
I figured a decent way to do it by cloning the vo & moving it ahead by 1 second, triggering a Drawmer ducker with the cloned VO track, while the Drawmer has been sent the music track to be ducked.
It's worked great for years & is much quicker than drawing the levels up & down on the music track.
However, we're trying to figure out an alternative to this setup that might be done strictly within the DAW, rather than having to send all of this out to the Drawmer & mixing the result through her analog board, as she's been doing at the moment.
Any ideas for an alternative way of doing this? Also - are there any ducker plug-ins that will do a similar thing?
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