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Default Drag/Drop not working with VEPro 6 Server and SD3

Hello! I posted this in ďPro Tool 10Ē but no replies. Iíd like to try here:


Iím running PT 10HD on a Mac. Iím also running Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 Server on the same Mac and running Superior Drummer 3(latest) inside VEPro 6 Server with the VEPro 6 plug-in open in a PT Instrument Track.

Everything is working fine except not being able to drag/drop Midi grooves from SD3 into the PT 10 Instrumentís Track. It works if I first drag it to the Finderís Desktop and then drag/drop into the Instrument track but Iíve seen it done just drag/dropping it directly into PT.

Any idea why itís not letting me do this? Thanks in advance!!

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