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Default Re: Mbox Gain Issues and Protools Issues (Bounce to Disk and Knob/Pot adjustments)

Originally Posted by Lucky Bastard View Post
Mbox Issues
When plugging in guitar or bass directly into Mbox I am not able to boost the signal enough to send to protools. I've tried all four inputs/different cables/different instruments and the problem persists.
  1. Make sure you are using the hi-z input on the front of the MBOX, and that the "front/rear" switch is out.
  2. Have you checked the gain knobs to see if they have been pulled out? That engages a -20 dB pad. Turn the gain all the way down, push the knobs in, then try again.
  3. If you still can't get enough gain, then you might look into getting a DI box to use in conjunction with your MBOX.

Originally Posted by Lucky Bastard View Post
There is a spot on the upper end of gain pot 3 that doesn't transition signal smoothly. When trying to inch the volume up slightly to get the optimum level it jumps drastically. Haven't tried other gain pots to see if they are doing it too.
Unfortunately this is the case for the MBOX preamps. They jump at the end. The only solution is better gain staging (and turning off the pad!)

Originally Posted by Lucky Bastard View Post
Protools Issues
I have a two track (3 minute) song I want to bounce to disk. When doing the bounce to disk it says it is going to take 14 hours. I suspect this is because it doesn't "know" (I haven't told it) where the end of the song is. The click seems to go on forever and I fear that this is why the bounce to disk is taking so long.
Make a timeline selection, then bounce. Don't forget about offline bounce (radio box on the lower left of the Bounce dialog).
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